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Kast Concrete Basins.

Concrete Basin Specialists

Concrete is a unique material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast into any shape. Using tints and precision blends of admixtures it can be manufactured with a vast spectrum of finishes. With striking and sophisticated forms, the Kast series of concrete hand-wash basins have been designed to make the most of these properties.

With a basin to suit every setting, the Kast range has customisable options for size, colour and style. Each basin is made to order at our factory in the UK, allowing you to tailor designs for a perfect match in your build. With our ability to produce bespoke items or larger runs, Kast basins are ideal for development projects as well as the domestic market.

Featured Products

Cero Black


Stylised and simple. Featuring an offset vanity area and deep circular bowl

Flor Mini A1 Grey 4

Flor Mini.

Compact version of the Flor concrete basin, with hidden drainage

Fox A4 Grey 3


Compact concrete basin, with side vanity area and optional surface-mounted tap

Lux L.A1 - White


A contemporary and sleek concrete basin featuring hidden runaway drainage

Nors NO.A1 - Blue


A traditional and robust basin draining to a deep central point

Rena White


Elegant concrete washbowl with diverse, sweeping textures across a curved plain

Rho Grey White


A practical and elegant curved basin with ample inner depth.

Sienna Black


Monolithic concrete block formed as twin basins